Sexual Freedom Hypnosis


Desire to increase Erotic Fulfilment?
PlantaComminications helps to resolve with hypnosis to yield an increased excited erotic life experience.

Sexual Freedom is the ability to choose to have a consenting, confident, satisfying sex life, in the absence of sexual dysfunction, guilt, and shame.
We practice several hypnoses or relaxation techniques to approach and solve specific issues manifested in sexual problems. Often we are especially in the topic of sexual fulfillment completely captured in a mental loop in which we perceive and interpret the reality in the context of a belief we constructed ourselves, or more often others have placed on us. We want to free ourselves from these negative belief systems for the future. Our internal mental state determines what we perceive and interpret as reality and what we think we are able to achieve. Sometimes we like to play with the edges of perception of reality.

We want you to feel free, confident, and good in whatever situation wherever you are ready to enjoy the best!

We help you to find your true self and get rid of and let go of parts that are not you but are placed on you by others, culture, or media.

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